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Introducing Creme premium CBD cigarettes from Sugar. These artisan premium hemp smokes are a cut above the rest.

  • Tobacco-free and Nicotine-free
  • Cartons contains 10 packs of 20 CBD cigarettes
  • <0.3% Total THC
  • Made from Premium Hemp
  • 1000mg Total CBD Per Pack
  • Choose from Berry Dust (COA), Peppermint (COA), Vanilla (COA), or Bundle


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CBD Cigarettes | Hemp Smokes from Sugar

We’ve manufactured hemp pre-rolls into delicious filtered hemp cigarettes (also known as CBD cigarettes). Our products have ZERO tobacco and are nicotine-free. Every stick is rich in cannabinoids, with over 1000mg of CBD per pack. Here are some reasons why these are considered the best CBD Cigarettes.

Each cigarette contains premium American-grown hemp selected for potency, taste, and smoothness. Stems are seeds that are sifted out before the hemp is sent to production. In our flavored lines, we utilize our proprietary flavoring infusion technique. Independent 3rd party lab tests are performed on each product for heavy metals and pesticides, adhering to California’s strict testing standards. Only the highest quality ingredients are used in CRÈME products, no compromises, period.

Sweet Tips™ are CRÈME’s signature component. These charmingly sweet filters complement the natural aroma of hemp to create a first-class flavor profile. Our goal is to create the best hemp cigarette experience because no one else stepped up to the plate.

One of the things that make us different is our attention to detail. Our hemp cigarettes are wrapped to an ideal density so that they won’t burn too quickly, won’t come loose, and offer an ultra-smooth drag.

Our team truly believes that you’ll enjoy our artisan Creme CBD cigarettes. What are you waiting for?

Sugar’s Process

Producing the best hemp cigarettes doesn’t happen by accident. We’re meticulous about our craft and proud of what we’ve created. Here’s what goes into every smoke.

  • We start off by finding the ideal American-grown hemp — flowers that smoke smoothly and have enough CBD to pack a punch. (Easier said than done, they told us — they were right| Harsh and bitter? No thanks. Save that for the sub-par hemp cigarettes. Hemp needs to be grown, harvested, and washed in a specific way that allows it to smoke well. Most farmers overlook these steps — not ours.
  • Sampled 40 varieties from 30 farmers. Finally, we found three farmers who shared our passion for A+ hemp. Hands were shaken. Three special strains were selected to complete our premium blend. What is so special? These three varieties smoked well, were rich in CBD, tasted good, and passed California’s strict testing standards. We kicked pesticides and heavy metals to the curb.
  • Hemp is carefully sifted to remove stems and seeds before being ground and milled to the perfect consistency. Stems are harsh and bitter, and seeds even more so. Have you had a hemp cigarette that crackled when lit? That’s because the maker didn’t sift it properly for seeds. We solved these problems because seeds and stems aren’t meant to be smoked. DID YOU KNOW? Density impacts the smoking experience in a BIG way. Roll cigarettes too tightly and they’ll be hard to smoke. Too loose? They’ll fall apart or burn out.
  • For our flavored lines, we hand-selected only the highest quality ingredients to be used: a bit of peppermint & chocolate or sweet vanilla. Each hemp cigarette is infused using our proprietary flavoring technique for a supremely delicious smoke. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.
  • Finally, sweetened filter tips are added to enhance the smoking experience. This is the icing on the cake. Go ahead, take a puff and you’ll immediately taste our signature sweet flavor in every hemp cigarette.

Why Hemp Smokes from Sugar?


We went to great lengths to build the best CBD cigarettes. From the hemp selection process, down to how densely the cigarettes are wrapped, and with which type of paper, we focused on creating a product that people would enjoy. The first time we smoked CRÈME by Sugar we knew it was all worth it. Enjoy yourself. We’ll take care of the rest.


CRÈME by Sugar CBD cigarettes were hand-crafted to be better — and they are.
We manufactured hemp pre-rolls into smooth, flavorful, potent cigarettes with zero tobacco and no nicotine — just the best hemp, hand-picked and sifted to ensure only the very best gets through. Why? Because we want you to enjoy yourself every time you light up.


We created a CBD cigarette product that we wanted to smoke ourselves, one where the makers didn’t take short cuts on ingredient selection and lab testing. It would have been easy to cut corners, but we didn’t. Our proprietary hemp blend is tested to ensure that heavy metals and pesticides stay OUT — out of our hemp cigarettes and out of your body. We adhere to the ultra-strict California standards.


CRÈME by Sugar CBD cigarettes are just the beginning. With unique flavor infusions to choose from, experience the best. Our signature Sweet Tipsâ„¢ are wrapped around the CBD cigarettes’ filters to build on CRÈME by Sugar’s natural aroma, creating an amazing flavor profile that’s 100% you.

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