CBD Cigarettes | Premium Hemp Smokes | Natural Flavor Pack

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Premium Hemp Smokes

Premium Hemp Smokes crafted from the best USA Grown – less than 0.3% THC – Hemp Flower!

Smooth on the inhale and euphoric as it settles, Blāz will relax and comfort you. For an easy smoke without the usual side effects, Blāz feels right.

Enjoy smoking 100% hemp filled cigarettes with zero conviction.

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Choose from 10-pack or 20-pack below.

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CBD Cigarettes | Blaz

CBD cigarettes are taking over the country! Made with 100% US grown hemp flower, these hemp smokes are high quality, stylish, and just what you need when its time to lay back and relax.

What’s In It?

With only .3% THC, Blaz has pioneered the next direction of smokes – all of the benefits of hemp with no harmful chemicals, no addictive nicotine, no lung-filling liquids, and none of the side effects of THC. Blāz is the new wave of smoking. In fact, these CBD cigarettes are packed with CBD. Check out the lab tests here.

Get Creative!

Blāz hemp smokes reflect the dynamic doers, the daredevils, the sparky personalities, the visionaries that radiate personal expression. Whether it’s a prop for your next photoshoot or the catalyst between the canvas and a late-night masterpiece – Blāz pays tribute to the creative process, provoking an endless artistic flow.

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7 reviews for CBD Cigarettes | Premium Hemp Smokes | Natural Flavor Pack

  1. Anonymous

    Helped cut down my smoking and tastes great.

  2. Anonymous

    Will buy again

  3. Toni Wood

    My fav brand now! Do u sell em in any stores?

  4. Greg Fritz

    I’m so glad that they offer the Blaze cigarettes. The taste is really good.

  5. Vicki Beaky

    Quality product

  6. Teresa B.

    Product tasted fine, I was surprised it was only 10 in the pack. I guess I didn’t read it closely.

    • Customer Support

      Thank you for your review! Yes, that pack only has 10 smokes.

  7. Toni Wood

    These are the best smokes!

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