CBD Vape Cartridge | CBN Vape – 1000MG @ 81% CBD & CBN Uncut Wax Cartridge (xN)

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CBD/CBN 1000MG Hybrid Vape Cartridge

The CBD Online Store is excited to announce the hemp industry’s FIRST cartridge that does more than pay lip service to full-spectrum. After months of R&D and product testing, CBD For The People (CBD FTP) is mixing it up with a brand new wax for cartridges and pods that are loaded with CBN and CBD. No isolates, no fillers, just high-quality hemp extract.
Yup. We’ve done it again. These bad-boys are now testing at 81% of CBD – now that’s potent!

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What is CBN, anyway?!

Think of it as CBD’s older, more experienced cousin.
If you want a vape unlike any other, we have two letters for you…

CBN, aka cannabinol, is a cannabinoid that may have untapped potential as a sedative…WITHOUT the reality-bending distortion, REM-sleep disruption, or general stupefaction of THC. Depending on how you respond it might help you chill out after a long day, loosen up for a social situation, or get some solid Z’s. For any or all of these, the XN is a uniquely great choice that you won’t find anywhere else.

This is packed with a 2:1 ratio of CBD to CBN with total cannabinoids comparable to our game-changing X2, so you won’t have to wonder whether the entourage effect is real. One vape and you’ll feel it for yourself.

We hope you enjoy our new product and thank you all for all your support and loyalty over the years. Smile and love your life! Free the plants For The People! As always, we remain UNCUT until the end!

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CBN Vape Cartridge | 1000MG

This high-quality CBN vape cartridge is also mixed with CBD to create one of the first and best CBD/CBN hybrid vapes.

Ingredients: 100% UNCUT, non-GMO, cannabinoid-rich, winterized, hemp-legal aerial cannabis extract. Full-spectrum cannabinoid profile and natural terpenoids.

Absolutely NO artificial flavoring, no cutting agents, no PG/VG, no additives, and no preservatives of any kind. Blended with up to 30 organic plant terpenes from strain profiles.

Click here for FAQ’s regarding our Uncut CBD Wax Cartridges.

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7 reviews for CBD Vape Cartridge | CBN Vape – 1000MG @ 81% CBD & CBN Uncut Wax Cartridge (xN)

  1. Anonymous

    Wow. Worth every penny. The effects are immediate and it’s a completely different experience. I guess it might be the CBN, but I am sleeping so much easier. This is a very high quality product, and I highly recommend it. Thank you!

  2. Mark Smith

    Yes, I love it and I’m very happy.

  3. Denzil Arnolds

    Works really great with the elite heat battery, and the effects are awesome. Helped me quit pot.

  4. Julia Sabat

    I cannot recommend the combination of CBD and CBN enough. Highly highly recommended.

  5. Mazen M.

    Wow. I’m a customer for life. Thank you Adam for referring me to this product

  6. Summer H.

    Really really liked this CBN 1000mg 65% vape I ordered the orange cookie flavor! It didn’t make me super tired it honestly helped my stress more than made me tired. Also it helped my stomach nausea alot! Really enjoyed this vape cartridge I would definitely recommend it if you have alot of stress or deal with stomach issues it really helped me! Honestly though I find it to be a bit expensive it’s not something I can afford to purchase on a regular basis it kinda sucks that medicine that genuinely helps puts a big dent in a person’s wallet, that’s just my opinion but I still very much liked this vape and I would recommend it!

  7. Anonymous

    Absolutely fantastic CBD/CBN vape cart. Awesome taste and it puts me in a nice deep sleep. It also gives me a calming effect during the day.

    • Customer Support

      Thank you for your review! These are excellent vape carts made fresh for each order. We appreciate the business.

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