CBDa + CBGa Capsules | 50MG Softgels


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Each CBDa  CBGa capsule/softgel features 25mg each of CBDa and CBGa for a powerhouse immune-supporting blend.

  • Each softgel packs 25mg each of 100% hemp-derived CBDa + CBGa.
  • This  30-count bottle contains 750mg each of 100% hemp-derived CBDa + CBGa.
  • 3rd party lab-tested here.

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CBDa CBGa Capsules

We all know the potential benefits of CBD, but its precursor, CBDa, and CBG’s precursor, CBGa are showing even more promise. Much more research is still needed to be done, but there is evidence for its immune-boosting effects. These capsules contain 25mg of CBDa and 25mg of CBGa each, all in an easy-to-use softgel, which can be easily incorporated into your daily vitamin regimen.

CBDa CBGa Capsules vs. Tinctures

What’s the difference between capsules and tinctures? Not much. They both have to go through the gastrointestinal system at some point, although tinctures (when left under the tongue) can be absorbed subliminally or under the tongue – this allows the formula to be absorbed via the blood vessels. You can find the CBDa CBGa tinctures here. That said, these CBDa CBGa Capsules are specially designed to deliver a potent dose to your cells.  So, they are a great alternative and, of course, much easier to be administered.

CBD Online Store – Our Just Cause

The hemp plant is truly miraculous and its potential is far-reaching in all industries. If hemp is used for paper, textiles, bio-plastics, and bio-diesel, then it would contribute to a more sustainable future. A well-established and healthy hemp industry can fuel a modern civilization without the need to sacrifice our standard of living.

Every order you make with the CBD Online Store goes to increase the awareness of the importance of hemp for the future of our planet. So not only are you purchasing products that contain 130 cannabinoids that do miracles for your skin and overall well-being, but you are part of the movement to guarantee the future of humanity on this beautiful planet. Learn more here.

If you want to see a brighter and more sustainable future, then help us invest in this amazing plant and catapult the industry into the mainstream.

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