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Featuring an equal blend of CBD and Delta 8, this product caters to those with some experience, offering a more pronounced Delta 8 effect. While CBD continues to provide its balancing influence, it now does so in equal measure with Delta 8. Sit back and enjoy as these two cannabinoids synergize, creating a perfectly balanced 50/50 experience

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Delta 8 + CBD Disposable Vape Pen

Discover the balanced world of cannabinoids with our iDELT∆8 GOLD – a perfect blend of HALF CBD and HALF Delta 8. This product is expertly crafted for those with moderate experience in the realm of hemp-derived products, particularly those ready to explore the more robust effects of Delta 8. While CBD still plays its role in offering a sense of calm, it now equally partners with Delta 8, providing a harmonious 50/50 experience.

The iDELT∆8 GOLD is a dream for those who love to stay grounded yet occasionally yearn for a flight into the clouds. It’s akin to enjoying a serene picnic in the sky while keeping one foot firmly on the ground. Ideal for those who admire the earth’s beauty but also fantasize about donning an Ironman flight suit for a quick soar. This product is our recommended second step in your cannabinoid journey, gently elevating you from the milder experiences to something more profound.

Our disposable devices offer the pinnacle of convenience. They arrive ready to use, eliminating any setup hassles. Each device is equipped with a fully charged battery, a cartridge brimming with our premium blend, and is fully assembled for immediate use. Simply unbox, inhale, and immerse yourself in the balanced world of CBD and Delta 8.

For those new to Delta 8, we recommend starting with a single puff to acquaint yourself with its unique effects, which differ from those of CBD. As you become more comfortable, you may gradually increase your dosage to two or three puffs, tailoring the experience to your liking.

When your journey with the iDELT∆8 GOLD comes to an end, as indicated by the depletion of the distillate, simply dispose of the device and replace it with a new one. This zero-maintenance approach allows you to focus solely on enjoying the nuanced interplay of CBD and Delta 8 without the concerns of device upkeep.

In summary, the iDELT∆8 GOLD delta 8 CBD disposable Device represents an ideal balance for the moderately experienced user. It offers a stepping stone to stronger Delta 8 effects while maintaining the comforting presence of CBD. With its user-friendly design, balanced formulation, and zero maintenance, it is the perfect product for those seeking to elevate their experience in the world of hemp-derived products.

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