SMART Pod Battery Kit – Used with CBD For The People Wax Pods

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CBD For The People is proud to introduce to the CBD Online Store customers to their proprietary SMART pod battery kit alongside their new UNCUT WAX PODS!

The FTP SMART pod battery kit is specifically designed for our wax pods – the pods and battery need each other like PB and J (aww!).

Our CBD FTP SMART POD battery kit features buttonless technology, smart voltage (fluctuating power output based on your inhale), and a compact pocket-friendly design with scratch-resistant aluminum body all wrapped in an ultra-soft, protective silicone coating. Even better, the pod functions as a closed system to provide even heat distribution for a consistent vaping experience.

Super easy to use, reliable, and it looks SO cool!

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3 reviews for SMART Pod Battery Kit – Used with CBD For The People Wax Pods

  1. Carina Kapadia

    Great quality and better than other wax pens.

  2. Algenis G.

    I have no complaints. Thanks

  3. adumzeva1

    Very nice. The rose gold is cute 🙂

    • Customer Support

      Thank you so much for your kind words!

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