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Each stelo is crafted with a blend of sun-grown full-spectrum flower and choice terpenes, optimized for your wellness. Our rigorous lab testing ensures that we deliver a safe, pure, and potent product.

Stelo is intended to be used with the elon device. The elon device uses heat not burn technology to activate the flower found in stelo, allowing you to enjoy the power of cannabinoid wellness without combustion and the associated pyrolytic toxins.

Choose from Uplift (COA), Relief (COA), or Relax (COA), then choose quantity (10 ct or 20 ct), and finally, choose if to include the Elon device or not.

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Stelo Flower Pods | CBD Hemp Flower Carts

Whole Flower for Whole Experience – We pack our Stelo flower pods with premium, sun-grown flower, allowing you to experience the full spectrum entourage effect. Stringent dual lab testing ensures that we only include pure, potent, and precise ingredients.


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Elon Stelo Flower Pods FAQs

What’s in a Stelo?

Stelo are packed with 100% sun-grown hemp flowers that contain a high percentage of CBD. The hemp flower in Stelo is pulverized to increase the surface area for cannabinoid activation and create optimal airflow. Additionally, our process involves a specific technique utilizing low-temperature curing methodologies to maximize cannabinoids and preserve essential terpenes while enabling dehydration for reduced risk of mold and bacteria growth. This ensures that the hemp undergoes the most natural processes to stay true to its native form while replicating the experience of combustion.

Are your CBD Hemp Flowers Synthetic?

No. The CBD hemp flowers within Stelo are grown in the United States by licensed hemp growers.

Do Stelo Contain THC?

Stelos contain CBD hemp flowers that have been tested to contain less than 0.3% total THC (the federal limit for hemp classification of Cannabis Sativa L.). Stelos will never contain flowers with more than 0.3% THC on a dry-weight basis.

What Are the Test Requirements for the CBD Hemp Flowers in Stelo?

Our Stelos are tested by Independent third-party licensed labs. We test for potency, terpenes, pesticides, heavy metals, and mycotoxins. Our rigorous testing standards ensure the quality of our blends.

What is the Percentage of CBD in Stelos?

The percentage of CBD in Stelo varies by product batches. To find the percentage of CBD in your Stelo please scan the QR code on your Stelo packaging or manually enter the batch number on our Lab Results page. Test results will be kept on the E1011 website for three years.

Will Stelo Intoxicate Me?

The effects of Stelos vary on an individual basis. Please consult your physicians before use.

If Stelos are past their Best By Date, Should I Not Use Them?

Not exactly. If your Stelo is past our recommended consumption date, but still maintains good sensory and quality characteristics, you may choose to continue usage. However, if there are any signs of degradation it is best to dispose of the Stelo. E1011 Labs does not guarantee the quality or user experience when using products past their Best By date.

Can I take Stelos on the Plane?

Yes. The TSA guidelines states that “products/medications that contain hemp-derived CBD or are approved by the FDA are legal” and allowed to be carried in both checked and carry-on bags. Click here for the TSA guidelines regarding medical marijuana. However, please check the laws and regulations of your destination to ensure that hemp-derived CBD is legal in that region.

CBD Online Store – Our Just Cause

The hemp plant is truly miraculous and its potential is far-reaching in all industries. If hemp is used for paper, textiles, bio-plastics, and bio-diesel, then it would contribute to a more sustainable future. A well-established and healthy hemp industry can fuel a modern civilization without the need to sacrifice our standard of living.

Every order you make with the CBD Online Store goes to increase the awareness of the importance of hemp for the future of our planet. So not only are you purchasing products that contain 130 cannabinoids that do miracles for your skin and overall well-being, but you are part of the movement to guarantee the future of humanity on this beautiful planet. Learn more here.

If you want to see a brighter and more sustainable future, then help us invest in this amazing plant and catapult the industry into the mainstream.

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